Food and wine

The city of Chiusi has an important food and wine tradition which, in some cases, dates back to the Etruscan era.

Brustico is the typical Chiusi dish: it is fish cooked on the open flame of lake reeds, according to a recipe that is now thousands of years old.

Still remaining in the lake area, it is impossible not to mention the tegamaccio, a mixed fish stew cooked in the characteristic earthenware pot.

There is no shortage of dishes from the land, in the wake of the rural culinary tradition of the Valdichiana: pici, the typical long pasta made strictly by hand, accompanied by aglione sauce (tomato and aglione of Valdichiana DOP) or nana ragù ; bread soup, pappa al pomodoro and panzanella, which are three different ways to transform stale bread into exquisite dishes; grilled Chianina meat, local cured meats and cheeses, cantucci with vin santo.

Numerous farms with excellent products. Among these, in addition to local wines, honey and medicinal products, Evo oil from Minuta di Chiusi, a native olive cultivar that has become a Slow Food community.